Rameshwar lal Verma shows a group of students some of the projects underway

One objective of Khandel light is that of empowering the local inhabitants, thus avoiding the creation of a culture of dependence.

Individuals participate in meaningful work, such as road and land improvement, building of water storage tanks and latrine building, thus contributing to the cost but they must also earn the support provided by the Charity through attendance at the monthly educational meetings. This model helps to raise self-esteem locally, engendering a sense of pride and participation in the raising of living standards while ensuring long term development.
Communications between Nirman Sanstha and Khandel light are excellent; conducted by letter and report, email, telephone and regular visits. Every rupee spent is accounted for, all projects carried out are monitored and work verified locally. Supporters know how their money is spent and therefore feel a strong sense of involvement with the Khandel community. Since the Charity is currently run by a committee of volunteers, expenses are kept to a minimum.

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