About us

From its inception Khandel light has worked with the NGO Nirman Sanstha, led by Rameshwar Lal Verma, meaning we are able to communicate quickly, and respond rapidly, to emergency requests. Throughout the global COVID pandemic, we provided food parcels for needy members of the community, continuing to deliver these until the emergency passed.

Founder Dr Peter Gough and his wife Bridget are frequent visitors and many trustees have gone to Khandel. The two communities – Hertfordshire and Khandel - are strongly interlinked. With WhatsApp groups, regular phone contact and email, we are in close and constant communication. The relationship has grown ever closer over the years.

Money sent to Khandel is targeted to those in greatest need. All the trustees are volunteers, and expenses are minimal. In order to keep our support going and continue to build resilience in our Rajasthan communities we need to continue to raise funds. The project goes on.

Thank you for your support.

The villages

  • Khandel
  • Kanwarasa
  • Kazipura
  • Khatwadi
  • Sanodia
  • Syampura
  • Mundwada
  • Jaisinghpura
  • Prathvipura
  • Jaitpura
  • Amipura
  • Medpura
  • Manohharoura
  • Bhaisalana
  • Anatpura
  • Rasulpura
  • Bhatipura
  • Panihari
  • Tyod
  • Kodhi
  • Dodwadiyon Ka bas
  • Norangpura
  • Sursinghpura
  • Partappura
  • Dyodhi
  • Tyoda


If you would like to see our Annual Accounts, they can be viewed at the
Charity Commission web site
Khandel-light is a Registered Charity Number 1083200

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