Empowering Women

We employ 18 Saheles, local women who disseminate health information, distribute sanitary towels, allowing girls to attend school full-time, support literacy, and provide help throughout our project area.

Adolescent Girls’ Days are held annually, bringing together young women from across the region to have fun, practice martial arts, take part in tug of war, hear from important local figures, and learn more about opportunities open to them.

The Girls’ Parliament - the most effective initiative we have to drive change. Initially 450 girls attended the parliament meetings, the numbers are now regularly over 700. A proper Parliament: the girls elect MPs, a Prime Minister and have a budget. They meet regularly, take part in discussion and debate, and share their experiences. They have already shown themselves to be force for change, highlighting the educational needs of a number of disadvantaged girls, liaising with parents and NSK, so that water tanks can be provided and educational bursaries offered.