The Khandel light team

From left to right, top to bottom. Karen Marriott, Michelle Marriott, Richard Bland, Peter Gough, David Marriott,Theresa Mudie, Michelle Renwick, Kate Hurst, Bridget Gough, Theresa Bland.

Day to day running of Khandel light is carried out by its management team of volunteer trustees:

Dr Peter Gough (Chairman of Trustees)

Peter has been a family Doctor for over 32 years, 29 of which he served the communities in and around Barley and Royston. He has now joined the team at Birchwood Surgery in Letchworth, works as a volunteer GP with Doctors of the World in London, teaches and runs a small private practice which supports Khandel light. Peter visited India for the first time in 1996 and was moved by the extreme poverty, especially in the cities. He found a possible solution to this in Rajasthan where he met Rameshwar Lal Verma, founder and director of the NGO Nirman Sanstha Khandel (NSK). NSK was working to improve the lives of the rural poor with the aim of reducing migration to even greater poverty in the cities. Peter believed that by harnessing talent, generosity and influence in a model of community to community aid, the projects of NSK could be expanded, sustained and possibly replicated. With the support and expertise of his fellow trustees, Khandel light was created in 2000 leading to significant increase in aspirations, opportunities and capabilities of many thousands of people in Rajasthan.
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Kate Hurst ((Vice Chair of Trustees))

Kate Hurst spent many years teaching in Secondary Schools in London and Hertfordshire before joining Khandel lights a trustee. Kate is particularly interested in the development of educational bursaries, the empowerment through training of young women and the shared educational opportunities Khandel light is now able to offer in computer literacy.
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Theresa Bland (Trustee)

Theresa trained as a graphic artist at Loughborough University. She is an Administrator with experience in the Manufacturing Industry and more recently in Private Health. Having experience in advertising and marketing, Theresa has brought her skills to local charities including Friends of Barley School, Friends of Greneway School and the Barley Plaistow Committee.
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Richard Bland (Trustee)

As the creative director of a regional, integrated marketing agency, Richard has both the skills and experience to manage the communication needs of Khandel light. Working for local, national and international clients he understands the varying issues involved and can readily tap into the resources necessary to fulfil the Charity’s wide range of communications.
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Bridget Gough (Trustee)

As a founder trustee and paediatric nurse, Bridget was particularly moved by the hopelessness of the children during her first visit to Khandel. She has seen Khandel light projects expand from meeting the most basic needs of clean water and sanitation to work skills development programmes that originate in the communities. Now some of those same children are not only able to make a brighter future for themselves but return to enrich their communities. Bridget is an active fundraiser cycling and running marathons, also highly involved in the administration of Khandel light.
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Michelle Marriott (Trustee)

Michelle was born in Australia and has been living in the UK since 1986. She currently works for the Managing Director of an Architectural company based in Mildenhall, Suffolk. Michelle’s key strengths include her organisational skills, multi-tasking ability, problem solving and “can do” approach. Her previous charity experience includes seven years with Save The Children Fund, the Barley Plaistow Committee and Barley School.
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David Marriott (Trustee)

David obtained a degree in law at Oxford University and then qualified as a solicitor. He has worked as a solicitor from that time, almost exclusively in London, and is currently a consultant in a firm in the West End. David served as a trustee of Friends of Barley School and for nine years he was a trustee of The Handel House Museum. In relation to both charities David has been actively involved both in the administration of the affairs of the trust and in fundraising.
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Theresa Mudie (Trustee)

Since leaving college Theresa has gained valuable knowledge through running her own businesses. She is currently a foster carer and child minder and recently achieved her NVQ3 in health and social care. Her insight into the importance of the family unit is continued in her support of Khandel Light, and her business background has proved invaluable for Khandel Light fundraising as have her multi cultural connections.
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Karen Marriott (Trustee and Treasurer)

Karen was introduced to Khandel light by David Marriott, her brother-in-law, in 2011 following the resignation of the previous Treasurer. She has been both a Trustee and the Treasurer since then and maintains the monthly accounts and deals with all financial matters of the charity including Gift Aid and the statutory filings with the Charities Commission. Karen is an active fundraiser and has also served on the committee of the local Save the Children charity.
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Michelle Renwick (Trustee )

Michelle is a qualified hairstylist running a freelance business. She has enjoyed many years of organising fund raising events, for a variety of organisations, Scouting locally has been a big part of her free time over the last 20 years, giving her many experiences, at home and abroad. She has been on the organising team for taking large parties of scouts over to parts of Africa, working on improving facilities in communities and with orphanages.
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