How can you help ?

Make a donation! 
Any donation, however small, is always warmly welcomed.

Remember, costs in India are much lower, so that even a small sum of money can make a difference. A regular donation, say on an annual basis, is particularly useful, since it helps the Charity to plan its future spending. As many of the projects are aimed at long-term improvements in living conditions, there is a real ongoing need for funds. If you are a UK tax payer, you can help us further by signing a Gift-Aid form. This means that for every £1 you donate, the Inland Revenue will pay the Charity 25p without any additional cost to you.

What your money buys

£3.00 One month’s drinking water supply for a family
£30 One month’s salary for a health worker
£26 Trains a young person in computer skills
£100 One water tank
£100 One toilet
£30 Funds a teacher for one tailoring course for 20 students
61p Provides a day's extra food for the mother of a girl child 
£24 Buys a sewing machine

Organise a fundraising event

Organise an event especially for Khandel light. The list of fundraising activities staged so far is a great place to start for inspiration! Schools have told the Charity that the pupils themselves have benefited from organising their own events and thus becoming closely linked with the projects and with the Khandel community. The Charity is always happy to issue certificates to document fundraising achievements to show how the money has been spent. If organising an event solely for Khandel light is not possible, why not donate part of the proceeds of an event to the Charity? Even a small proportion can make a huge difference to this very needy community.

Support events

Come along to the many events organised by supporters. Without you, their efforts are in vain. Events are extremely varied, entertaining, fantastic value and you will be very surprised at the talent that exists in your community !

Get your school/club/organisation involved

The Charity is always pleased to give a presentation on its work. Many organisations have then gone on to have a collection for Khandel light, or to organise fundraising activity. Perhaps you could get yours on board, and enjoy the fulfilment that comes from making
a real difference.

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