India has confirmed more than 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus-a grim statistic. (BBC News 03/10/2020)

Rameshwar lal has been extraordinarily adaptible and creative in addressing the COVID-19 challenges and has adopted deft ways of working. "We are not missing the opportunity to serve our community".

The monthly meetings have been cancelled  (limit of 50 people attending a meeting) so Rameshwar lal and his team go to the individual villages and together with the Village Helpers meet with the villagers.
Rameshwar lal has access to the internet and newspapers, he selects what is important advice from the Goverment and medical experts regarding coronavirus
and distils the information onto A4 sheets and leaves copies in each village so the villagers are aware of the latest information.

One day's work is the next day's food.
Rameshwar lal has distributed over 500 food parcels to the very poor who have been unable to work because of restrictions in movement. The food parcels contain rice, sugar, tea, dal, chilli powder, coriander, salt, turmeric oil and soap. Flour is being provided by the Government. The food parcels cost £15 and will feed a family of 7 for 40-45 days.

The women trained in tailoring through the Khandel light funded skills programme have made and distributed 800 masks to their local communities.

The Indian Government's message is that "you are all responsible for your own life, you need to look after it and not depend on others". This message of personal responsibility and self-motivation is emphasised at the meetings.

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